Company Profile

The Ma-Chis Nation is the sole owner of a SBA certified 8a Tribal Corporation under 13-CFR 124.506(b).  A wholly Native American owned and operated corporation, we, together with the support and infrastructure of our associates are:                                                                           

  • Eligible for Direct Award contracts
  • Exempt from the $3 million dollar threshold

The wide range of services include, but are not limited to:

Scheduling   Government Family Housing Maintenance
Estimating   Protective Force Services / Security Guard Services
Construction Management   Environmental and Land Rehabilitation
Project Management   Projects Recycling / Refuse Services
Electrical, Telecom, and Security Systems   Underground Utilities
Preventive and Emergency Maintenance   Steel Assembly
Facilities Maintenance   Technical Consulting
Design / Build construction   Electronics Design and Manufacturing

    With our partners, we can design, build, and maintain your project to fit your needs and requirements

The MA-CHIS LOWER CREEK INDIAN TRIBE ENTERPRISES INC. (MA-CHIS LCITE) is a chartered tribal business corporation created for the purpose of promoting the economic development and long-term financial viability of the MA-CHIS Nation. Our purpose is realized and our objectives are achieved by the development, creation or acquisition of financially sound, well-managed business entities, which then comprise the divisional structure of the corporation. Our business capabilities are diverse and broad in scope, including, but not limited to: construction, property management, information technologies, medical professional services, manufacturing and retail, communications, and services.

 MA-CHIS Nation is committed to the highest degree of honesty and integrity in our relationships and business activities. This philosophy of honesty and integrity permeates our entire corporation and is the most vital part of our daily operation practices. While our vision is long term, we recognize that our short-term success is dependent on how well we meet our daily responsibilities.

 Our first responsibility is to our customers. Without our customers we have no means of achieving our objectives. Through our business divisions we cater to a broad range of customers in both government and private industries. All products and services we provide are delivered with the utmost quality, at a competitive price and in a timely and professional manner.

 Our ultimate responsibility is to the MA-CHIS Nation, our sole shareholders. Our goal is to continually maximize the return on invested capital through a steady growth in profits and prudent asset management. We have achieved this goal by employing sound management principles in all aspects of our business.

 MA-CHIS Nation has a deep, personal responsibility to our employees. We employ as many MA-CHIS Nation citizens as possible. We strive to create and maintain an environment where each employee is provided an equal opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential.

 Economic Development Committee of the MA-CHIS Lower Creek Indian Tribe

James Wright, Tribal Chief